Over the last several years I started to get sicker and sicker without much help from the doctors. They just kept feeding me more and more drugs with all tests coming up negative. At one time I was doing 7 different medications and just getting more trashed out. After doing my own research on both the web and at libraries I found that I have a form of Arthritis called FIBROMYALGIA. I then found information on the web about what medications I should or should not take. I have passed this information onto the doctors and a few of them do listen while others just say "Look I'm the doctor so I know what to do". Well it's my body and I know how I feel. I have also found that I am highly allergic to anything either in or derived from the food group night shades. This includes potatoes, tomatoes and cigarettes. It also includes something as innocuous as Paprika. In my case that means I can not have anything that has vitamin A palmite or vitamin D3. I can't have any high fructose ,modified food starch or natural food preservative. The vitamins , food starch , and most high fructose syrups use potatoes in the processing. If it just says natural food preservative then it is usually paprika.

Well I hope some of these links can help others out in the world wide web.

This site has an excellent Pharmacy lookup. You can check on those drugs all the doctors just shove into your hand. It is run by Healthtouch on line. If you received a prescription and been given a sheet of drug information it may have been supplied by this group.

This site specializes in Herbal Remidies and is called DR

This site provides links to many sites that specialize in Fibromyalgia

This site is the National Library of Medicine. This site has many links for free.

This site is the home page for the American Auto immune Related Diseases assoc.

This site is the National Institute of Arthritis and musculoskelatel diseases. This site includes info on skin diseases.

This site link to the National Institute of Health and it's associated sites.

This site is the CDC or Center For Disease Control.

This site is by Ivanhoe News and is titled Medical Breakthroughs. This site updates you on new therapy.

This site is Medseek which has a search data base for both doctors and hospitals in the US.

This site is for those chasing a virus. It is Molecular Virology, which is run by the University of Wisconsin.

This site is the American Medical Association or as it is more commonly know as "The AMA".

This site is for people suffering from CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which is similar to FIBROMYALGIA.

This is the site where I found out about FIBROMYALGIA , Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is run by Alternatives that is run from Canada. It has a lot of useful information on both a doctor to doctor and doctor to patient relation. It also contains information about a lot of other diseases.

This site is the Cancer Genome Anatomy Project. It highlights a lot of new info on cancer research.

I also suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you want more information then try this site. This will give you the search page for PTSD related items. It may take one or two attempts for it to come up completely. You may have to hit your reload button on your web surfer to get it to display. They constantly change the storage location of these files. I guess they want to see if you really have PTSD.

This site has listings of Clinical Trials going on. It is for both doctors and patients and lists over 5,000 trials.

This site in Atlanta features multiple clinical testing for a wide range of troubles.